Akeredolu’s Democracy Day Statement Disappointing – SDP

Statement Falls Short of Expectations, Says SDP

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Ondo State has expressed dismay and disappointment over Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu’s Democracy Day statement, describing it as watery and lacking in substance.

In a press statement issued by the party’s Chairman, Stephen Adewale, the SDP criticized the governor’s address, stating that it failed to meet the expectations of the people in every aspect.

Party Claims Statement Was Diversionary Tactic

According to the SDP, Governor Akeredolu’s Democracy Day message was filled with extraneous issues and executive regurgitations, strategically crafted to divert attention from pressing matters and sway public opinion in his favor.

The party alleges that the statement was a deliberate move by the governor’s handlers to avoid addressing important issues that require urgent attention within his administration.

Lack of Empathy and Failure to Address Subsidy Issue

One of the key concerns raised by the SDP was the governor’s failure to show empathy towards the citizens who are currently grappling with severe economic hardships, including the removal of subsidy by the APC-led federal government.

The party highlighted the omission of any mention of the subsidy issue in Governor Akeredolu’s statement, suggesting that it was a serious oversight and demonstrated a lack of understanding of the challenges faced by the people.

The SDP concluded its statement by calling on Governor Akeredolu to prioritize the welfare of the people of Ondo State and take immediate and concrete steps to address the numerous challenges facing the state.

The party urged the governor to exhibit more empathy in his interactions with the citizens, emphasizing the importance of effective governance and responsive leadership.

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