Akeredolu Denies Signature Forgery Allegations

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State has vehemently denied allegations that certain commissioners and state officials have been involved in forging his signature on official documents.

The rebuttal comes in response to claims made by Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) Kayode Ajulo, who asserted that a power vacuum created by the governor’s illness allowed a group of individuals to exploit the situation by forging his signature for their own gains.

In a swift dismissal of Ajulo’s accusations, Akeredolu, represented by his Chief Press Secretary, Richard Olatunde, labeled the claims as “utterly preposterous and ludicrous.”

The governor went further, challenging Ajulo to substantiate his allegations with concrete evidence, a move aimed at putting to rest any doubts surrounding the authenticity of his signature.

Olatunde, in an official statement, accused Ajulo of relying on what he termed “fabricated signatures” circulating on social media.

The governor’s spokesperson urged Ajulo to present the alleged forged documents or reveal the beneficiaries involved in the purported signature forgery.

According to Olatunde: “We are more than willing to investigate the matter and prosecute anyone found culpable.

“But we cannot entertain baseless speculations and unfounded claims.

“The individuals behind these fabricated signatures are the real culprits engaging in criminal activities.

“The truth of the matter is only Governor Akeredolu can claim that his signature has been forged.”

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