Again, Air Force Humbles Boko Haram Fighters In Borno

An Air Force Helicopter during an Aerial display at the 2017 Nigerian Air Force Day in Makurdi, Benue State. 02386/23/4/2017/Johnson Udeani/NAN

Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Saturday said its Air Task Force of Operation Lafiya Dole killed scores of Boko Haram terrorists and destroyed their hideout at Bula Korege, near Sambisa Forest in Borno.

Spokesman for NAF Air Commodore Ibikunle Daramola made this known, saying that the operation was conducted on Friday.

He said the airstrikes were conducted by personnel tied to the Operation Green Sweep lll.

NAF Air Commodore explained that the target was designated for attack based on credible intelligence reports, which were further corroborated by a series of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions.

Daramola added that intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance were able to establish the fact that the settlement was a major hub of Boko Haram terror activities.

He said, “The ATF, therefore, detailed two Alpha Jets to attack the target area.

“The airstrikes were synchronized for maximum effect, recording devastating hits on the Boko Haram hideout, killing several of their fighters in the process, as captured in the Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) footage.”

The spokesperson for NAF said that the air force would be able to sustain its operation against the terrorists in the North-East if it worked in concert with surface forces.

Earlier this week, Concise News reported that the Air Force said it had destroyed the Boko Haram base in Sambisa Forest.

Air Commodore Daramola stated that several Boko Haram fighters were seen within the settlement and “The 2 Alpha Jets, therefore, took turns attacking the target area, scoring direct hits on the desired points of impact.”

According to him, the structures were damaged by the strikes while several of the terrorists were neutralized and the few surviving fighters were taken out in follow-on strikes by the MI-35M attack helicopter.

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