Ag IGP Warns Against Harassment, Extortion Of Commuters On Highways

The Acting Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun, has expressed strong disapproval regarding the unprofessional behavior exhibited by certain officers on major highways across the nation.

According to an official statement from the police force, the reported incidents involving extortion, intimidation, and harassment of commuters on these highways are currently under investigation. The Force is committed to effectively addressing these matters in a resolute manner.

The Acting IGP has further issued a directive for all supervising officers to conduct rigorous oversight of their subordinates while in the field, aiming to completely eliminate unprofessional conduct.

Both the Monitoring Unit and the Disciplinary Units have been tasked with the responsibility of identifying, apprehending, and appropriately penalizing officers who participate in actions that tarnish the reputation of the police force.

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