After 14 IVFs, Miscarriages, Alao-Akala’s Daughter-in-law Welcomes Twins

Hadiza Alao-Akala, the wife of the son of former Oyo State Governor, Christopher Alao-Akala, has welcomed a set of twins after facing multiple challenges

In an Instagram post, Hadiza stated that before she welcomed the twins, she had 14 IVFs, multiple miscarriages and others.

Excited about the joy of now becoming a mother, Hadiza who gave birth on July 12 said she will soon be out with the full details.

She wrote, “It’s time to tell my story. It started in November 2014. Innocent, naive and very hopeful; little did I know what was in front of me.

“God all I can say is thank you. After 14 IVFs, multiple miscarriages including 24 weekers boy/girl twins and 17 weekers identical triplet girls, today I celebrate the birth of my full-term babies. Look at God.

“I have a story, I’ll tell you in detail soon.”

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