African Men Don’t Prefer Thick Women To Slim Ones – Nhyira Anim

Nhyira Afrakoma Anim, the Chief Executive Officer of SlimRight, has explained why most women seek to be slim instead of the thick body of an average African woman.

This was after she was asked in a chat with Potpourri if African men prefer slim women to thick women

“I believe every man has what he likes, and some prefer slim figures, others prefer thick women. Some people have this mentality that a slim figure is the best but on my side I believe every figure is beautiful. So, let’s stop comparing women’s bodies and just love them instead,” she said, stating her own idea of what beauty means.

“Beauty for me is when a woman feels very good in her own skin. Beauty is when a woman feels confident, beauty is when a woman loves herself unconditionally.

“There are several ways to sustain beauty. For example, pouring into yourself, making sure that what you feed into your body is good for your body, taking care of yourself, and giving yourself a lot of love, goes a long way,” she added.

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