Adeyanju Knocks Rhodes-Vivour For Justifying Niger Coup

Political activist, Deji Adeyanju, has knocked the governorship candidate of the Labour Party in the March 18 election in Lagos, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, for warning against military action in Niger by Nigeria and the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS.

Sharing on X, Rhodes-Vivour called for diplomacy in the effort to restore democracy in Niger which has been overran by its military which detained President Mohammed Bazoum.

He also stated that it would be senseless for Nigeria to spill blood in Niger.

He said, “Unlike some, i have only one passport and have sworn no allegiance to any other state. Nigeria is all I have.

@A war with a people who appear to be uniting around a common interest, seeking economic freedom and a departure from over bearing western influence will have very dire consequences for our image as a regional power and could pose much graver security threats. Their alliance in the footprint of the ancient Songhai empire is not by accident, their fight is also ideological with the memory of Thomas Sankara being evoked.

“For several years in recent times, we have seen both political and military leaders send patriotic soldiers to war ill-equipped and with very little remuneration while they reward themselves with vanities.

“We are still grappling with major insecurity as a result of the destabilization of Libya by France and its Allies, and because Africa did not present a United front, West Africa is paying the price for that destabilization.

“Forget the fact that we have serious internal security challenges that is stretching our military, or the fact that our economy is in a parlous state, how does it make sense that Nigeria wants to lead an effort to spill the blood of people who are seeking emancipation?

“We must focus on a diplomatic solution. Nigeria cannot afford to be enmeshed in a war and we must stand against international destabilization of the region, if we don’t, it will be a mess we will eventually clean up and pay dearly for, ask Libya.

“For those focused on flags and videos, an alliance has been formed. For the war mongers amongst you… your leaders making these decisions on your behalf will be alright, they can easily avoid the blow back of this decision. Do the masses have this privilege, the same way your taxes are paying to fill the fuel tanks of their convoy. Dialogue and diplomacy is in Nigeria’s best interest. ”

Reacting, Adeyanju wrote on X, “A military coup is what some of you are justifying because of hatred for a politician you don’t like as president. SMH!”

He also shared, “Explore diplomatic efforts to restore constitutional democracy in Niger but if all peace talks fail, ECOWAS should use military force to kick out the dictators. Military coups must remain unacceptable in any form or guise.”

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