Adebayor Backs Ronaldo After Penalty Miss

Emmanuel Adebayor has expressed his support for Cristiano Ronaldo, stating that the football star had every reason to cry after his recent penalty miss. Ronaldo, who missed a crucial penalty in Portugal’s Euro 2024 Round of 16 match against Slovenia, was visibly emotional, shedding tears on the pitch.

The missed penalty occurred during the first half of the game, significantly impacting the match’s outcome and Portugal’s chances in the tournament. Adebayor, who played alongside Ronaldo at Real Madrid, commented on the incident, noting the intense pressure and expectations Ronaldo faces as one of the world’s top players.

Speaking through the Al Nassr Zone, Adebayor emphasized the emotional toll such moments can have on players, especially those like Ronaldo who are deeply committed to their national teams and personal performance.

“Kicking a penalty kick for your country is a great thing, the whole country is watching you, especially when your name is Ronaldo.

“Honestly, from an emotional point of view, Cristiano has every reason to cry. If you are not a footballer, you will not be able to understand,” he further stated.

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