Additional Train Trips Resumed On Abuja-Kaduna Route

The Board and Management of the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) have announced the recommencement of two additional train trips on the Abuja-Kaduna Train Service, which were temporarily suspended.

In a statement released on Saturday, the NRC management assured passengers of their safety and outlined the implementation of necessary measures, including social distancing and regular sanitation.

The additional train trips will resume on Sunday, 4th June 2023.

Updated Train Schedule for Abuja-Kaduna Route

According to the statement, the NRC provided details of the updated train schedule for the Abuja-Kaduna route.

The new schedule aims to accommodate the increasing demand and provide more options for passengers. Effective from Sunday, 4th June 2023, the train trips are as follows:

  • AK1: Departs IDU at 09:45 hrs
  • KA2: Departs RIGASA at 13:30 hrs
  • AK3: Departs IDU at 15:00 hrs

Starting from Monday, 5th June 2023, the schedule will be adjusted as follows:

  • KA2: Departs RIGASA at 08:00 hrs
  • AK1: Departs IDU at 09:45 hrs
  • KA4: Departs RIGASA at 13:30 hrs
  • AK3: Departs IDU at 15:00 hrs

On Wednesdays, only KA2 will depart RIGASA at 07:00 hrs, while AK3 will depart IDU at 15:00 hrs.

Apologies for Temporary Service Reduction

The Nigerian Railway Corporation expressed regret for any inconvenience experienced by passengers during the temporary reduction in train service.

The management acknowledged the challenges faced and assured passengers that measures were in place to ensure their safety and comfort.

The NRC’s commitment to maintaining social distancing and regular sanitation reflects its dedication to providing a reliable and secure transportation service.

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