Adamawa Police Nab Man Who Disguises as Ghost to Defraud People

The Adamawa State Police Command apprehended a 59-year-old man on Monday for his involvement in defrauding members of the public using deceptive tactics.

The suspect, identified as Muhammad Abubakar, also known as Malam Sabo, is reported to be a habitual scam artist specializing in fraudulent schemes. His modus operandi often involves disguising himself, frequently pretending to be a ghost and employing various voices to communicate with his victims.

According to reports, Abubakar would alter his voice to mimic that of a woman or a child in order to deceive individuals. In a recent incident, he successfully tricked and defrauded Abba Bale of Demsawo, extracting a sum of three hundred thousand Naira (N300,000.00) from his victim.

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