Adamawa Police Alert Public on Motorcycle Ban

The Adamawa State Police Command has issued a warning regarding violations of government orders on motorcycle movement in certain areas. Despite restrictions imposed by the state government in Viniklang, Federal Housing Estate, Ngurore, Mbaba, Wauru Jabbe, and Yolde Pate communities, individuals have been observed using motorcycles disguised as bicycles.

In response, the Commissioner of Police, CP Dankombo Morris, emphasized the importance of public compliance to maintain safety and order. Divisional Police Officers have been tasked with monitoring and enforcing adherence to the restrictions.

While respecting citizens’ rights, security agencies urge the public to refrain from activities that could jeopardize state security. CP Morris stressed that the police will not tolerate unlawful behavior and will take appropriate action against those who violate the restrictions.

The Command’s statement underscores its commitment to upholding law and order in Adamawa State. The public is urged to cooperate with authorities to ensure the effectiveness of these measures and prevent any potential breakdown of law and order.

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