Ada Anambra Slams Baba-Ahmed For Crying On TB

Ada Anambra, a staunch supporter of the ruling All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has slammed the Labour Party vice presidential candidate, Datti Baba-Ahmed, for crying on national television.

Baba-Ahmed shed tears when he appeared on Channels Television’s The People’s Town Hall Meeting on Sunday. According to him, his family has been getting attacked with insults because of his political ambition.

Reacting, Ada Anambra reminded him of the insults hurled at Tinubu by supporters of his party.

She wrote, “Looking back at the insults, abuses,rape&death threats, suspended accounts, all the blackmail,accusations, propaganda,mockery etc the obidients movement levelled against Tinubu/Shettimaand all batists worldwide. Datti needs to cry again but this time,to apologize to us!”

“They crossed all paths against us on this street. We swallowed a lot for them. Took many uncomfortable decisions because of them. Left our comfort zones. Suspended many arrests and prosecution of their members, all in order to stay peaceful. What in the name was that cry for?”

“Datti did not tell d whole world that he first attacked Femi Fani Kayode‘s family while trying to get back at Asiwaju. He did not narrate what brought the hot breakfast served. His plan to get the pity of the electorates failed woefully. We say “NO” to a crying Vice Presidential candidate”

“If Datti cried on a live broadcast because of how bad he felt his parents and family were insulted, Buhari and Asiwaju should now do what? He was enjoying the scenes when their mob were trolling others, it reached his turn he started crying. It’s a pity!!!”

“The funniest part of Datti’s cry was that he tried as much as possible not to name the force that served him that breakfast which kept him offshore for weeks. Our leader @realFFK is good at what he does, he made Datti to cry like a baby ! Even @_dinomelaye don park well!”

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