Actors, Peggy Ovire, Fredrick Leonard, Gush Over Each Other

After declaring their affair, Nollywood actors, Peggy Ovire and Fredrick Leonard, have gushed over each other on her Instagram page.

Ovire penned a love note via her Instagram account to Leonard on Saturday.

“You were first my best friend, you always said ‘Peggy I’ll make you a happy woman, keep praying for me. I’ll give you the finest things in life, I’ll love you right.’

“Everyday you come through & yesterday you gave me a shocker again lol. I have watched you grow, blossom & keep to those promises. It’s not been a rosy road. This man right here! For the first time, I don’t know what to say to you 😌, but thank you for loving this stubborn girl hopelessly. May God’s favor never depart from your life, May God make his light to shine on you, May good health, prosperity, long life be yours IJN .Amen 🙏 My Husband, the crown on my head #freddieleonard Cheers to Forever 🥂 #MEETTHELEONARDS #meettheleonards”

Responding to her message, Leonard said, “I loved you from the moment I laid my eyes on you. I still love you now. Remember always, that in good times and in all times… I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER ! Mrs. Leonard ❤️”

Credit: Instagram | peggyovire

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