Actor RMD Advises ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ Conveners

Richard Mofe Damijo, RMD
Richard Mofe-DamijoPhoto: Instagram

Nollywood veteran Richard Mofe-Damijo, aka RMD, has expressed his dislike for the phrase “Fake It Till You Make It”.

Concise News learned that the actor made this known on his Instagram page while advising his fans to desist from believing the phrase.

RMD advised his fans to work hard and have faith till they make it, before wishing them a “Happy New Year”.

He wrote, “I am no longer surprised when people who earn next to nothing allegedly buy multi-million dollar cars and homes after all the catchphrase is “fake it till you make it”.

“But the question is, is faking it a guarantee to making it, absolutely not. I have never believed the principle of faking it till you make it because it is a faulty principle.

“It often puts people in trouble, so I want to share a principle that has worked for me, which is the principle of faith and utter total trust in God’s word.

“The principle that is sure to not only produce results but results that are long lasting, not the fleeting fame and fortune that comes with faking it.

“So welcome to 2019, and instead of faking it again this year, I dare you to faith it till you make it, Happy New Year again people. One Love.”

RMD is a multiple-award-winning actor who has been in the movie industry for nearly four decades.

The actor was among those who starred in Nollywood blockbuster “The Wedding Party” and 2017 movie “Three Wise Men”.

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