Actor Adeniyi Johnson Apologises To Wife Over Controversial Video

Nollywood actor, Adeniyi Johnson, has reacted to a controversial video showing him and a female fan who sat close to him for pictures.

The actor described the lady as an “overzealous” fan who asked for a picture while he was rushing to a set. In order to save time, he asked her to enter his car where she took the video.

“I will not pretend like nothing happened today, and this is not to debunk anything as no one debunks what never happened or what they didn’t do!!!,” he wrote via his Instagram page on Monday.

“The lady in question is an overzealous fan who was excited to meet me and politely asked to take a picture. I was driving out when she met me and as such couldn’t come down because I was rushing to another set.”

The actor also stated his suspicion that the lady had mischievously posted the video with misleading captions on her personal social media pages which led many to believe they were in a relationship.

“The lady in question I dare you to come out and talk if I know you beyond the video I dare you,” he continued.

Adeniyi also apologised to his wife and fellow colleague, Oluwaseyi Edun, for what his “free spirit and playfulness” had cost their marriage.

He said, “This my write up is first to apologise to my darling wife @i_am_shai for causing this kind of buzz you know I’ll do anything in me to avoid. This is the least of what you deserve to be candid you do not deserve it!!!

“Dear Ashabi, I am deeply sorry for what my free spirit and playfulness has cost us today. Yes I am a king and you are my one and only Olori. This is coming from the deepest part of me.

“I apologise to my fans for the misconception and plead with you guys to remain calm as I am working on getting to the bottom of this. Thanks to those that reached out, I appreciate And those I couldn’t attend to or pick their calls Emabinu. Thank you all I love you guys and will keep working on being a better person. Peace.”

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