Activist Advocates Prosecution Of Uyo Collapsed Church Building Handlers

A woman lay under debris of the collapsed church roof
A woman lay injured under the debris of the collapsed church roof. Reuters

A human rights lawyer, Desmond Eze, says the builders of the collapsed church building in Uyo should be prosecuted.

Blaming incessant collapsed buildings in the country on poor materials usage and quackery in the building profession, Eze insisted that handlers of such buildings should, nonetheless, be held responsible.

Eze called on Gov. Mr Emmanuel Udom of Akwa Ibom to arrest the contractor of the building for prosecution.

“Until fake building contractors and those who sell substandard building materials in this country are being arrested, prosecuted and jailed, cases of building collapse will continue.

“What happened on Saturday in Uyo where innocent worshipers lost their lives is unfortunate.

“Corruption is not only when one embezzles public fund but when one compromises standard and exposes other people to danger is a bigger corruption and should be punished,’’ he said.

He urged Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE) and other stakeholders in building profession to rise to the challenge by ensuring that only certified building contractors are allowed to handle building projects in the country.

He also said relevant government ministry should collaborate with NSE to take audit of commercial, public and residential buildings across the country.

“Its time for government and relevant stakeholders in the country to tell Nigerians buildings that are fit and ones that are unfit for living to avert further loss of lives and property in future in building collapse,’’ he said.

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