Abure Not Arrested – Labour Party

The leadership of the Labour Party has vehemently rejected a video circulating on social media, propagated by renegade former members of the party led by Lamidi Apapa.

In this video, they falsely claim that the party’s National Chairman, Barrister Julius Abure, has been arrested. The party categorically states that the video is fabricated and lacks any credibility.

Lack of Evidence: Video Fails to Show Abure’s Arrest

The 10-second video, shared by Anselem Eragbe, the former Youth Leader of the party, features a group of police officers engaged in an argument over an undisclosed matter.

Notably, neither Abure nor any of our party leaders appeared in the footage. This absence of evidence directly contradicts the false claim made by the renegade members.

Discrediting False Claims: Security Agencies Not Pursuing Abure

Labour Party affirms that the security agencies have no intention or grounds to seek the arrest of Abure. If they require his attention, they would personally invite him or contact his security details through official channels.

Furthermore, the party clarifies that Abure attended a court session at the ongoing Presidential Appeal Tribunal and is currently occupied with various official engagements.

Unmasking the Renegades: Labour Party Calls for Disregard

Labour Party urges Nigerians to recognize the reputation of the Apapa group for spreading misinformation and disseminating fake news.

The party encourages the public to dismiss this latest attempt by the renegade members to tarnish the character of our distinguished chairman.

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