Abure Confirms Release, Says Arrest Won’t Stop Fight for Nigerians

The National Chairman of the Labour Party, Julius Abure, has said he has been released after he was arrested by the police on Wednesday.

In a statement, Abure revealed that the predicament will not prevent him from continuing the fight to liberate Nigerians.

This was as he lamented the economic hardship brought about by the removal of fuel subsidy and the fluctuating exchange rate.

He said, “They have graciously released me on bail except for the State Chairman and the State Youth leader, they also have promised that by the early hours of this morning, they will fulfill their promise and actually release them.

“Whatever is happening to me will not discourage me from the struggle. We must continue to pursue the course of the people, we must continue to fight for our people till we liberate them. I have said it and I will say it again, it is not capturing power that matters, it is what you do with power.

“Today, APC is in power, life has become more unbearable for the people; today, a dollar is exchanging for almost N2000, fuel is sold for N700/litre, there is even scarcity now and it’s likely going to be increased. Inflation, even though it was double digits, it is now above 31%. Unemployment has increased, a bag of rice today is N120000 and minimum wage is N30000. You can see the paradox, you can see the irony so Nigerians are in for very serious and difficult times.

“And Mr President said something recently, that Nigerians should continue to bear the loss. It is my prayer that not until Nigerians start eating themselves on the streets before they will realize they need to do something about the Country.

“Like I said, it’s not capturing power that matters but what you do with the power. I thank you and appreciate you all.”

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