Abiodun to Supply 100 Trailers of Rice, Others to Ogun Citizens

Governor Dapo Abiodun has decided to provide the citizens of Ogun State with essential food items such as rice, garri, and beans.

The governor announced on Wednesday that nearly 100 trailers of rice will be delivered, with offloading beginning on Thursday..

He said, “To ensure fair distribution, we have decided that the elderly and vulnerable will receive the rice free of charge, while others will be able to purchase it at the original price before the increase in the value of the dollar. This will allow us to sustain the initiative until the dollar issue is resolved.

“It is important to remember that the challenges we are facing are temporary and will pass. I am confident that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is leading us effectively, and his actions will soon bring about positive change.

“The recent discussions I had with the Central Bank Governor reaffirmed this, as he assured me that the value of the dollar will soon decrease.

“To address the current economic difficulties, our administration has implemented a 5-billion-naira intervention plan. We urge all citizens, especially the youth, to resist being manipulated by those seeking to sow unrest.

“Let us maintain a sense of patriotism and patience, knowing that a solution is on the horizon. Other countries have faced similar challenges with grace and optimism, and we must do the same to overcome these obstacles.”

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