Abiodun Reads Riot Act, Orders Crack Down on Cultists in Sagamu

In response to the escalating threat posed by cultists and cult-related activities in Sagamu and its surrounding areas, Ogun State Governor Dapo Abiodun has issued a stern directive to local security agencies. This directive aims to eliminate the menace of cults and restore peace in the state.

The governor’s decision comes in the aftermath of renewed clashes between rival cult groups in Sagamu over the weekend. These clashes have led to heightened tensions and fear among the town’s residents with about 20 individuals reportedly killed.

Security forces have already been deployed to Sagamu to quell the unrest and restore normalcy.

Governor Abiodun, as conveyed in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Lekan Adeniran, expressed deep regret over the unnecessary loss of innocent lives and extensive property damage caused by the hoodlums.

He underscored the government’s unwavering commitment to maintaining law and order, emphasizing that the police and other security agencies have been given a clear mandate to deal decisively with those disrupting the town’s peace.

Governor Abiodun reiterated the state government’s zero-tolerance stance toward acts of lawlessness and brigandage. He also issued a stern warning to those responsible for the ongoing crisis, making it clear that they would bear full responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

He said: ” As a responsible and responsive government, we are very sad with the resurgence of activities of criminal elements under different outlawed groups, raising unnecessary tension in the sleepy town of Sagamu and it’s environs.

“Let me categorically state that we are more than determined to put an end quickly to these nefarious activities of these hoodlums and enemies of our people; who are hellbent to truncate the peace of our land.

“Let these urchins be rest assured that the State will be too hot for them to operate as we are reevaluating the security architecture for greater surveillance and tactical operation”.

The governor noted that the new security approach would be implemented in collaboration with the traditional institution, community and religious leaders, youth groups as well as other critical stakeholders.

Abiodun, therefore, appealed to the people to provide adequate and useful information to security agents for prompt response to prevent future occurrences.

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