A Musician’s Second Job is Prostitution – Seun Kuti

Renowned Grammy-nominated afrobeat artist Seun Kuti has ignited a fierce debate in the music industry by asserting that the predominant side hustle of musicians is “prostitution.”

In a recent video message posted on his TikTok page, Kuti made the audacious claim that less than one percent of the world’s musicians are not engaged in “prostitution.”

Kuti said, “Someone asked me why am I wearing nail polish like a prostitute. You don’t know that I’m a prostitute?

“Okay, that guy must have come to this life late. I’ve said it before that all the musicians in this world except just four out of the millions of musicians in the world that are not prostitutes.

“As a musician, your first job is to play music. Your second job is prostitution. I’m saying it live and direct. And it’s true of me and all your favourite musicians.”

Kuti’s remarks have prompted discussions within the music community, challenging established perceptions of artists’ sources of income beyond their music careers.

The artist’s outspoken commentary highlights the multifaceted nature of the music industry and the financial realities that many musicians face.

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