7, 722 Flights Delayed in 3 months -NCAA

NCAANCAA has disclosed that domestic airlines recorded 7722 cases of delayed flights in the third quarter of 2016.

This was contained in a document issued by the NCAA’s Consumer Protection Department released on Monday.

According to the documents, 13097 flights were operated by eight domestic airlines during the period under review. Also, 253 flights were cancelled.

The airlines involved Aero Contractors, Arik Air, Air Peace, Azman Air, Dana Air, First Nation, Med-View and Overland.

Arik, Leading Defaulter

Arik air, topped the chart of delayed and cancelled flights with 2824 and 128 respectively. It operated 4882 flights. Air Peace follows behind with 1383 delayed flights and 16 cancellations out of its 2754 flight operations. Dana Air operated 1665 flights with 1160 incidences of delayed flights and one cancellation.

Meanwhile, the airlines had attributed the delays and cancellations to the lingering scarcity of aviation fuel in the country

However, the Minister of State, Aviation, Hadi Sirika had met with airline operators recently. He assured them that the government was working assiduously to end the scarcity of the product.

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