Irrigation Management Undergoing Transformation – Minister

The Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation, Joseph Utsev, has emphasized the remarkable accomplishments of Nigeria’s ongoing Transforming Irrigation Management in Nigeria (TRIMING) Project.

Speaking during a meeting with the World Bank Team on Sustainable Power and Irrigation in Nigeria (SPIN)/TRIMING Project on September 20, 2023, at the Ministry’s Conference room in Abuja, Prof. Utsev underscored the vital link between economic sustainability and food security. He highlighted the pivotal role played by the TRIMING Project in bolstering food production across the nation.

According to a statement signed by the Funmi Imuetinyan for the Ministry, the Minister warmly welcomed the proposal to replace the expiring TRIMING Project with the Sustainable Power and Irrigation Project for Nigeria (SPIN) by the World Bank. This new initiative is expected to address the pressing challenges Nigeria faces in achieving food sufficiency and security.

The statement read in part, “The Minister reaffirmed the government’s commitment to President’s agenda, emphasizing food security, improved irrigation techniques, and enhanced farming practices across the nation.

“Prof. Utsev expressed deep gratitude to the World Bank team for the remarkable progress made over the past nine years and expressed optimism that this initiative, which should be a long term engagement, will yield even more significant outcomes.

“In his remarks, Mr. Jun Matsumoto, the SPIN/TRIMING World Bank lead, acknowledged the successful transformation of irrigation asset management through the establishment of Water Users Associations.

“He noted the pivotal role played by these Associations in ensuring the sustainable management of irrigation resources and called for support in achieving the project’s objectives.

“Mr. Matsumoto further emphasized the critical importance of collaboration in the upcoming SPIN project and elaborated on the SPIN project’s core objectives, which include utilizing existing water resources infrastructure to address the nation’s water resources and energy requirements.

“He also revealed that the project will encompass comprehensive technical assistance studies focused on large-scale water resources management and the development of multi-purpose dam hydropower projects.

“He concluded by highlighting the collaborative efforts involving other Ministries, with the Ministry of Power and Ministry of Agriculture also contributing to this endeavor.

“The meeting was attended by the Honourable Minister of State, Bello Muhammad Goronyo, Esq., and the Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Didi Walson-Jack, OON, mni, alongside members of the World Bank Team and several Technical Directors.”

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