Yahaya Bello Signs Five Bills Into Law

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has demonstrated his commitment to progress and development by signing five bills into law.

The Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Onogwu Muhammed, in a statement, praised the Governor for his decisive action in signing these bills, which will have a significant impact on various aspects of the state’s growth.

Advancing Cultural Development and Promoting Peaceful Festivals

Among the bills signed into law is the legislation that allows for the peaceful celebration of cultural festivals. This step aims to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of Kogi State.

By creating an environment that fosters cultural appreciation and understanding, the state can strengthen its social fabric and enhance unity among its diverse communities.

Improving Rural Infrastructure and Managing Road Development

Another crucial bill enacted into law establishes the Roads Fund Management Board. This initiative is geared towards effective management and development of road infrastructure in Kogi State.

By providing a dedicated entity responsible for road-related projects, the state can ensure the efficient allocation of resources and timely implementation of infrastructure projects.

This will have a direct positive impact on the lives of people in rural areas, facilitating better transportation and connectivity.

Harmonious Relationship Between Executive and Legislature Promotes Progress

Governor Bello emphasized the importance of these bills in transforming the lives of the people of Kogi State.

He praised the Kogi State House of Assembly for their exemplary performance in passing the bills and fostering a harmonious working relationship between the executive and legislative arms of the government.

This collaboration has been instrumental in driving progress and ensuring the effective governance of the state.

The Governor also expressed his gratitude to the state Attorney General for upholding compliance with existing laws and regulations.

The signing ceremony, held at the Government House in Lokoja, was attended by dignitaries, including the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, the Attorney General, and the Secretary to the Kogi State Government.

The Speaker, Mr. Mathew Kolawole, expressed his delight that the bills were passed and signed into law.

He commended Governor Bello for his commitment to the development and progress of Kogi State, as well as for fostering a peaceful atmosphere and promoting a harmonious working relationship between the executive and the legislature.

With the signing of these bills, Governor Yahaya Bello has taken significant steps towards advancing cultural development, improving infrastructure, and promoting effective governance in Kogi State.

These initiatives will undoubtedly contribute to the overall progress and prosperity of the state, benefitting its residents and positioning Kogi as a model for sustainable growth.

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