Dagogo To Hold 10 Million Man March For Atiku, Okowa

House Representatives member, Farah Dagogo, has said plans have been concluded for a 10-million-man match for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and his running mate, Dr Ifeanyi Okies in the Niger Delta.

This is as he gave the assurance that Atiku and Okowa would get the support of the South-South, especially Rivers State, in the 2023 Presidential election.

He said the march which will be held across the Niger Delta states was to further galvanise the people and ‘prove to naysayers that the region is for PDP.’

” Let no one is deceived, conducting elections in Nigeria has metamorphosed, the voting power is with the people. No one can order anyone around, on who to vote or not, no matter how highly placed, because the people are the deciders with their PVCs and votes.

” PDP has been true and fair to our people. It was by the means of this party that we clinched the President’s seat in this country through our son, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, among several other benefits.

” We are at an advanced stage in plans for a ten million man march for Atiku and Okowa across the States of the Niger Delta, particularly Rivers State. We have spoken with the people, those that will vote, the real voters with PVCs, not political sycophants, and we have been able to galvanise a lot of them. In the coming days, we will take over the streets of the Niger Delta states and publicly demonstrate that support. That will also prove to the naysayers that the region is for PDP.

“Atiku will win and it is in the interest of those who do not want to be left behind to board or be cast into the dustbin of political history,” he added.

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