Many Govt Workers’ll Be Sack If I Held Position – Ibiyeomie

General Overseer of Salvation Ministries, Port Harcourt, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, has said if he held a position in government, many government workers would be sacked because they are unproductive.

According to him, he had seen many government workers who left office and were very unproductive.

Delivering a sermon on Sunday, the cleric made a reference to himself, saying he had worked before to a point he forgot food, only for the people to tell him he had not eaten.

“I have worked before (life story) to a point where I didn’t know I forgot food, and I felt I have eaten. Only for them to tell me that my food is still on the table. Not once not twice.

“You know why government workers are very useless? Have you seen any government worker who left government and is able to be very productive? Not one!

“If I am in office, many Nigerian workers, I will sack them. Ask me why. Very unproductive! I don’t mean all (please don’t misquote me). Many are unproductive. And it is happening now also with Christians.

“They just go to the office and sit down. “I sit in the office from morning to night.” What did you do in the office? Every day you go to office, calculate what you achieved.

“Now listen, this is how you know: every day that passes you, if you want to be a very productive worker, ask yourself ‘what did I achieve today?’ Not how many hours I spent. Look at your life and take appraisal,” he stated.

Ibiyeomie said when people work in the western world, they took appraisals every one hour.

“Every one hour, you go and take an appraisal of what you have done. Even if you are a sales person, you will tell the people what you have sold. But here, it is not so. Somebody will just sit down, (mimicking) “no customer come oo” Even if they don’t come, can’t you call your customers you have called before from the database?

“Send them mail. Don’t you see that they send e-mails abroad? They make sure you even remember them and go back again; they send you mail. But here, you don’t even have data. The ones who came last week, their phone numbers are not recorded. Even the receipt you wrote, you wrote it upside down,” he lamented.

Ibiyeomie added: “Any work you close early, you are useless. Serious workers work very long. Even a pastor who closes by 2 pm is a useless pastor. Any serious worker, you will stay. Not just stay in the office, you will be working till evening. Am I the one that wrote the Bible?

“Some of you by 1 o’clock, you say you are tired. What work did you do that you are tired? It is because we are in a society where people with cheap money celebrate. It is time we believe in working to make things happen. If you stay around me, you will know that I work.”

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