2023 Will Be An Effective Year, Buhari Assures Nigeria

President Muhammadu Buhari has referred to 2023 as a significant year for Nigeria because it will be an election year and will mark the changeover to a new administration.

The President stated that he would personally see to it that the elections were free and fair in his New Year’s Message, stressing that Nigerians will elect their new leaders. He warned that there will be repercussions for any breakdown of peace during the polls and that Nigerians must refuse to be used as a tool by politicians to sow discord.

In the message, which he described as valedictory, the President stated, “After having the honour of serving you, my compatriots, for the last seven-plus years, my tenure as your President in the most revered tradition of our ongoing and maturing democracy must necessarily come to an end.

“In the next five months, we would have gone to the polls and elected a new president along with new governors and a plethora of other elected officials at both the national and state levels. All these electoral and democratic principles are working in concert because of the transcendent beliefs, beyond partisan politics, of you, the great citizens of Nigeria.

“In addition is my personal commitment and executive promise to see to the letter that the 2023 elections being diligently conducted by INEC will be free and fair. The collective electoral will and votes of Nigerians will be fulfilled, even in the twilight moments of my watch.”

“In year 2023, Nigerians go to the polls to exercise our right to vote and elect a new administration. It is an important year for our country to ensure that we have another smooth transition of government, to whoever the people have decided upon. This administration’s landmark Amended Electoral Act will ensure that we have free and fair elections across the nation.”

He added, “The year 2023 would, indeed, be a time when we would work to solidify on delivering key strategic priorities under our SEA (Security, Economy and Anti-Corruption) Agenda. Our security forces are working in partnership to ensure the wins we have got in the war against insurgency, banditry, secession and other crimes are sustained and more wins acquired.

“For the economy, the ongoing infrastructure revolution by our administration will see us deliver the key projects across the nation in power, rail, roads, ports and technology. We as a government are committed to ridding our nation of all forms of corruption, through the collaboration with all the arms of government to effectively prosecute this fight.”

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