2023: Play By The Rules, Umahi Urges Political Actors

Governor David Umahi has urged major political actors in the State to play by the rules to avoid overheating the polity ahead of the forthcoming congresses.

According to his aide, Francis Nwaze, Governor Umahi stated this during a special thanksgiving service at the Government House Chapel Ochoudo Centenary City Abakaliki on Sunday.

The Governor who maintained that his administration is not ready to spare sacred cows said his Government would deal decisively with anyone who tries to scuttle the democratic process in the State.

“Whether PDP or APC, I will never allow violent Congress in Ebonyi State, there will be no violence, there will be no writing of results anywhere, even if my interest is losing, let him lose according to the electoral law.”

The Governor charged the Divine Mandate Pastors to embark on prayers for a successful visit and hosting of the President in the coming week and other political programmes of the State Government.

“A lot of our Ministers of God today can never speak straight because they are obeying man.

“Everything is still in the hands of God and I believe what God can do.

“Some of them are abusing me for adopting Speaker, there was no forum for adoption, I should have interest in who succeeds me, I should have interest in who will continue with these works.

“But the truth is that from the beginning, my mind was open, if I were to select the person who would succeed me from the flesh, I would have selected somebody from my Church because I don’t want another Church to come and occupy this wonderful edifice.

“I am here to tell God that I am deeply grateful and that is my first certificate for Presidency, I have purchased the form and because I do not serve any other God, I am here to thank God.

He enjoined all Political aspirants to open their hearts to God for only him can grant them success both in the Primaries and the general elections.

“I stand on the altar of God to say and I keep promises, it is a difficult thing for a Father when five of your children want one particular thing, what do you do, if you are a wise Father, you go to God.

“Do not betray anybody that God has used to help you, ingratitude is a very terrible sin, was I adopted by Elechi, no, did they not fight me, no, but he made me Chairman, gave me a lot of jobs and made me Deputy Governor, why would I remember the wrong instead of the right.

“Why must Presidential aspirants from South East be castigating themselves, what do you gain by bringing your brother down?

“I have promised that all of us, whether in private Sector or wherever we are all tied together, I have done no imposition, I have no other God, I depend on God, if you take me to juju, it can never work.”

The Governor appealed to all political actors to give the youth more leadership opportunities ahead of 2023 to contribute their quota to national development.

“We have to allow the young ones, I expect that in the next administration the Children of our Exco members should be in the Exco.”

Governor Umahi appealed to all supporters who are aggrieved by any decision of the party to sheath their swords and move ahead, assuring that the party would recognize them accordingly in due course.

“I am giving olive branch to everyone that is aggrieved, the cake is becoming bigger, I am pleading for peace, I am pleading for unity, let us be united in victory, if you are boasting, you are destroying me, even if they are angry, appeal to them, I am their Father, I am still your Leader, so please, I appeal to you.

“He who is faithful in a little will be faithful in much, when God has done something to you and at a time it is not favoring you, be faithful in the other one.

“There is the need to trust God, there is need to be faithful, whenever you are not favored, remember there is tomorrow, remember there are destiny helpers, remember it is God that is the course of your destiny.

“If any of you is in any cult, go and denounce it, we will pray you in but if you serve any other god, go and denounce it because from your first day in office, you will start having problems.

“If I have another God, I wouldn’t stand here telling you about God, the mistake we make is to believe that there is no God, my mission in Ebonyi State is not only to develop the state but to bring Christ, to show the world that it is possible to become Governor without serving any other God.

“Do not go to look for prayer bombardiers, it doesn’t work, I am talking to you from experience, stick to your pastor and the pastor of the Government House Chapel.

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