2023: Igbo Have Cried Enough, Give Us Presidency -Uzodinma

Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State has said Nigerians need to rise up and do the needful which is to see to the plight of Igbo people to produce Nigeria’s next president.

He said this during the reception in honour of the President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, Professor George Obiozor, at the Government House, Owerri.

Uzodimma said, “I am worried that while the Igbo have an unassailable case over their post-civil war treatment and plight in the Nigerian federal project, the logic of that case may be compromised by the temperamental actions of non-state actors, to the peril of everyone.

“This is why I think that the time has come for every patriotic Nigerian to rise and address the Igbo question. What cannot be taken away is that for too long, the Igbo have cried out profusely over their plight.

“This plight is comparable to the plight of the southwest over the annulment of the June 12 elections. Following that annulment, the southwest felt short-changed. They cried out for justice. While some groups did so responsibly, others resorted to violence. The instructive thing here is that at a point, the patriotic zeal of the political class in Nigeria was touched and they rose in unison to acknowledge that the Yoruba had cried enough and that it was time to wipe their tears.

“That was why the two major political parties in Nigeria fielded only Yoruba candidates for the 1999 presidential election. Of course, even a political neophyte knew that this was not accidental, but a well-planned act by a group of patriots who had placed the unity of Nigeria uppermost in their minds.

“It is now obvious from every indication that Ndigbo have also cried enough about their marginalization. It should also be clear to the political class that the time has come to wipe these historical tears of Ndigbo. What is more, most of the patriots who engineered the plan that made the southwest produce the presidential candidates for the two major political parties in 1999 are still alive and active in politics.

“That same undying love for the country that inspired them to do what they did for the southwest in 1999 should inspire them to do the same for the southeast in 2023. The West, the North, the East and the South are all important in our quest for national unity.

“This is a clarion call on the political class to do the needful. As the saying goes, E mee nwata etu emere ibe ya, obi adi ya nma” This simply means, that the only way to make a child happy is to treat him or her the same way you treated the other child,” Uzodimma said.

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