2023: Consensus Is Rubbish, Wike Tells Saraki, Other PDP Members

Governor of Rivers State and presidential hopeful, Nyesom Wike, has said consensus candidate as being clamoured for in the Peoples Democratic Party, DP, is rubbish.

According to Wike who addressed PDP delegates in Cross River, what Nigerians need at the moment is a fearless leader.

He said even if consensus candidate must be arrived at, it must come with equity, justice, and fairness.

Wike said: “I am not here for any consensus rubbish. I have told people not to deceive our party members with fake news about consensus. We all believe in consensus, but it must come with equity, justice, and fairness.

“When some of my colleagues led by the former Senate President came to me, I told them I would not fall into the consensus trap. If you want to run for election, please run, and if you are not ready, please go home.

“They want somebody who would come and bow down for them. But what the country needs now is fearless and courageous somebody.”

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