2023: Amaechi’s Declaration, The Twist And The Reality Vs Tinubu’s Challenge Matters Arising By Osigwe Omo Ikirodah

Amaechi pulled a political “Heist” yesterday and it sent out a loud message to the political class, Port Harcourt was practically on shutdown as friends of the Minister of Transportation, Rt Hon Rotimi Amaechi gathered in Rivers State for a Thanksgiving tagged APC Thanksgiving Ceremony.

Of course, the venue was filled to the brim with a huge mammoth crowd of APC sympathizers and other spectators.

Rotimi Amaechi publicly declared to the gathering his presidential ambition under the APC platform.

Before I go further let me make clear how I view the 2023 presidential elections, this is a personal opinion and I care less how anyone may feel about my own views. I insist that at this stage every political gladiator that happens to be within the corridors of power should take a shot at the presidency.

My simple reason for this is so that proteges under these warlords can be able to have a sense of belonging in the coming government. It would not only be suicidal on the part of these political titans not to incorporate their followers but also amounts to greed on their part.

Having gone this far in their political career and on the verge of retirement if things go wrong the general elections are an avenue to plant your students in strategic and prime positions. The essence of political loyalty is for such an opportunity.

For me the more the merrier, so it makes no sense brooding over an aspirant coming out because you feel the person is a threat to your principal. Politics is all about negotiations and compromise, hence the need ” TO FOLLOW WHO KNOW ROAD”

Today I would be dwelling more on Amaechi’s political stunt yesterday and the reality as well as the expectations of his presidential quest.

So far of all the APC presidential aspirants who have publicly declared comprising HE Rochas Okorocha, HE Yahaya Bello and HE Rotimi Amaechi, Amaechi’s declaration is undoubtedly the loudest. He pulled the crowd, he made his noise and of course, he shut down the internet.

In doing this Amaechi obviously has stirred up the hornet’s nest in the APC and this is why… Amaechi may have started on the wrong footing of claiming to be the anointed one, according to APC members, the former Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi turned a Thanksgiving ceremony into a declaration.

Here was how an APC party chieftain described Amaechi’s moves.”Ameachi deceived a few dignitaries by sending IV for thanksgiving and reconciliation to them only for him to turn it into a declaration and start running around the field.”

In giving credence to this statement most of the high profile dignitaries that attended alluded to the fact on their social media pages that they were in Port Harcourt for the APC thanksgiving ceremony and never said anything about Amaechi’s declaration.

What this means is the smack of deceit on the part of the organizers of the event, which was incorrectly tagged a day for Thanksgiving when it ought to be “Amaechi Declares For Presidency”.

In politics the ability to make your followers believe in you in totality is the first step to political success, once you have the blind support of your followers it is halfway through the journey. You must make these people believe you like you are the coming messiah. Amaechi has succeeded in selling to his fans that he is the anointed one by the presidency.

Let us take a look at his declaration and see if there is any single atom of credence to this line of being the anointed one by His Excellency President Buhari.

Immediately he declared an APC staunch member and a good student of history by the name Kennedy Friday dropped a puzzle to solve in arriving at the conclusion if he was the chosen one.

Hear him…

1. There are 36 State Governors in Nigeria. Of the 36, 22 are of the APC. Only one (Governor Lalong of Plateau) attended Amaechi’s declaration.
2. There are 109 serving Senators in Nigeria. Only one attended Amaechi’s declaration (Senator Ali Ndume of Borno State)
3. Of more than 22 members of the NWC of APC, only one (Chief Victor Giadom) attended Amaechi’s declaration.
4. Of 360 House of Reps members in Nigeria, only three attended Amaechi’s declaration (two from Rivers and the Deputy Speaker a protege of Lalong)
5. There are 44 Ministers in Buhari’s cabinet who are colleagues of Amaechi. Only one (Gbemisola, Amaechi’s junior minister) attended Amaechi’s deceleration.
6. Let’s look at Amaechi’s region, the south-south. Of the six leaders of the party in the region, only one attended (Oshiomhole, who is now suggesting that he was cajoled with “Thanksgiving”)

Actually, I wonder why they call this a puzzle, it is a straightforward and clear fact that aside from the mammoth crowd which can be sourced from anywhere, Amaechi’s declaration was actually poorly attended by the who is who in APC despite the deceptive coining of the ceremony.

We have heard the twist of the story permit me to further discuss the reality and challenge thrown to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu by Rotimi Amaechi.

Before the commencement of the ceremony, Rotimi Amaechi decided to take a marathon run around the stadium to prove his physical fitness to rule the country. He was actually a fast sprinter and from what we saw a better runner than Benue State Governor, Ortom who outran terrorists and bandits that were after his life.

His race was definitely a cryptic message to the Jagaban who he feels can not pull such a feat. Tinubu just underwent a Knee Surgery in London and one wonders why he wants the Jagaban to run as fast as him when definitely Tinubu has just recuperated from a KNEE surgery. Why stress the knee to prove a point?
Hear reactions from internet respondents as regards the great race by Amaechi.

Alhassan Abubakar

“Who told Amaechi that Aso Rock Is an Olympic Stadium? Presidency Is Not A Running Competition.”
Omi Tariah

“My Dear, Maybe Amaechi thought the presidency is Olympics… He Is Showing Nigerians how he will run with our Money..”

Salau Olalekan Olukayode

“This is funny, are we looking for an athlete as a President or someone that has I.Q, intelligence that can turn things around for the nation. Nigeria politicians are very funny indeed.”
Tajudeen Adenusi
“Are we going for Olympic games in 2023 or we’re going for an election”
#King Raji

“Dear Amaechi,

Where is your conscience?

A few weeks after the Abuja Kaduna Train attack with scores missing and lives lost, you have not resigned nor taken responsibility, but you have the nerves to go on the podium to declare for Presidency after running around the stadium. Have you run after the terrorist that derailed your train ?”

The Gbas Gbos was massive and of course, you guys must have seen a lot of it on every thread as regards the great race by Amaechi.

The expectations and the Reality:

I have received multiple calls since yesterday saying that the cabal has anointed Rotimi Amaechi as the next president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Let us start with this quick reminder that is currently making rounds on the Social Media space.
2015 Presidential Results in Rivers State, Amaechi as sitting Governor under APC

69,238 , 4.42%
Jonathan. 1,487,075, 94.99%
2019 Presidential results, Amaechi as a sitting “Super” minister.
Buhari: 150,710
Atiku: 473,971

So do you think the presidency is a gamble? The presidency is all about winning, who do you feel wants to take chances? Is it the APC caucus in the South West or North East, or North Central or North West?
How many states does APC have in the South-South that they would offer their ticket to someone that has no stronghold in his state?

Take this analogy, let’s assume Nyesom Wike emerges as the PDP flagbearer? Or even Atiku? Tell me who would vote Amaechi in the South-South?

Do you expect the so-called cabal or whatever you call them to lose out to the opposition because of anointing oil? The presidency is about what you have to bring to the table, nobody is ready to gamble with the whole new opportunities that a new government offers.

I must commend Amaechi for seeking the presidency because he has opened the flood gate of so many numerous supporters to have the opportunity to come to the national table with a stake. It is a noble act and should be encouraged by every APC stalwart.

The election season is an avenue for not only goodies to go round but a vehicle to which new and great talents are discovered. Limiting the presidential race to only a few is not only draconian to me but is smacks of greed and self-aggrandisement.

I am restrained to speak on Tinubu’s declaration for now because he has not declared his ambition publicly to the Nation however Tinubu’s entourage during his visits is more power-packed in terms of personalities in the APC than any declaration so far witnessed by the aspirants who have so far declared under the APC.

My name na Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah and I am the Principal/Chairman of Bush Radio Academy.

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