2023: Adeyanju Bets $10k To See Peter Obi Lose

Convener of Concerned Nigeria Deji Adeyanju has placed a bet of $10k on the grounds that the candidate of Labour Party (LP) Peter Obi will come a distant third in the 2023 presidential election.

This was after he was challenged to the bet by an Obi support who, along with others, failed to turn up with their money for the bet.

In his post on Monday with evidence of payment, he said: “$10k credited to Egbon Dele Momodu’s account…”
Adeyanju challenged one of the numerous supporters of Obi to honour his words by placing his own bet too.

He said: “Now waiting for Ben the Obidient to do his part.

“We don’t display fake cash on social media here. Still ready to bet more because I’m looking for money for my PhD. next year.

“The Obedient guy, Ben is telling new stories now after agreeing on a call with Egbon Dele MOMODU and giving me the go ahead to pay the money in the Whatsapp group we created for this purpose.

“After displaying fake money online, the guy is suddenly afraid to perform. Obidents, why do you always lie like your mentor? Pay up Ben!”

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