13-Year-Old Busayo Falana Wins Bronze Medal for Kwara at NYG 2023

In a remarkable display of talent and determination, 13-year-old Busayo Falana has clinched a prestigious bronze medal for Kwara State in the fiercely competitive 7th National Youth Games (NYG) held in Asaba, Delta State.

Busayo, a student at Government Day Senior Secondary School in Ilorin, showcased her exceptional skills and athleticism in the event’s female category of FIVES, catapulting herself and Kwara State to a prominent position in the national sports arena.

The 7th National Youth Games (NYG) serves as a crucial platform for budding athletes from all corners of Nigeria to showcase their prowess and compete on a national stage. Busayo, with her determination and sheer talent, exemplified the essence of these games.

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